Taleem & Hakaya

Taleem is the Arabic word for learning. Learning helps you to broaden your horizon and become a more loving, kind person. Learning a new skill or new information helps you to understand others, be more forgiving and a more fulfilled person.

Learning Arabic

I provide Arabic lessons for groups and individuals.

  • Reading and writing lessons – tailored according to your level.
  • Conversation lessons – groups or individuals

If you are interested, please email hindalife@gmail.com.

Story Reading & Storytelling

In a multi-cultural community, story reading and storytelling is important to create a fun-loving and understanding environment for children to close the gap between cultural differences. It also helps children understand how to appreciate and celebrate differences.

I provide story reading sessions for children in Arabic and English as well as storytelling sessions. All stories will be from the East and have a positive learning impact that helps children understand others and create a loving environment in the schools and the communities.

For details and to book a reading, please email hindalife@gmail.com.

Cultural Awareness

Many people present themselves these days as “International Citizens” – people who have lived in different countries and travelled the world. But can you be an international citizen without understanding other cultures? Certainly not, and that’s why some people often misunderstood others and judge them because of how the media has portrayed them.

It is easy to learn about others – we are all  human beings. It only needs a little understanding and an open mind to understand and integrate with others.

I provide Cross-Culture integration sessions for individuals and groups:

  • Are you going to work and live in an Arab Country and would like to learn more?
  • Are you working with people from other cultures and want to understand their gestures and traditions?
  • Are you going for a holiday and want to avoid any misunderstanding of cultural boundaries and values of these countries?

You can contact me via hindalife@gmail.com to arrange a session.