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Free Discovery Session

Welcome to the free discovery session. I provide this free session because I feel it is important that you have the chance to be clear about your outcomes and what you want to achieve from the coaching. The session will also allow you to learn more about the coaching method and how are we going to work together.

During the one-hour session, I will ask you a series of questions and clarify your goals, what you want to achieve from the coaching and to agree on what is the best way to achieve the required results.

To schedule a free discovery session – face to face, Skype or phone – contact me via hindalife@gmail.com.

Design Your Life

mBIT Coaching

Meditate and Heal with Writing and Reading

Loving Your Life

Design Your Life

Design your life coaching sessions help you to find your path and purpose in life so you can take control of your life’s choices. With the world rapidly changing and the introduction of new technologies and economic changes, we are also in the process of a continuous change.

Change can sometimes be overwhelming when we aren’t ready for it – we are at risk of being left behind with old values, beliefs and strategies that don’t work in our favour. We lose track of our purpose in life and when life surprises us with sudden changes, we find ourselves being overwhelmed by it.

But change cannot be prevented; everything you experience changes you. Every time you read a book, discuss something with a friend, watch a movie, hear the news – you change, sometimes in a minor way that you don’t notice at first. But your thinking, your way of life, even your language, might change – like when you try new food and like it, and then you adopt it as a regular part of your diet – that is a change in your taste.

But sometimes that change creates inner conflict because it is challenging your thought and values and that is when you look inside and tell yourself that it is time to review these thoughts and values according to the new information you have learnt.

Stepping back and looking at our life from different points of view will help us to accumulate our experiences and re-design our life again in a way that serves our new environment and new thinking.

Working on the fist session with you to find out where you can improve, in which part of your life you are still lagging behind – your way of life, your thinking, your mind, heart and gut not being aligned – then we will put together a plan of how to remove and eliminate the inner struggle to start designing a new you.

Contact me at hindalife@gmail.com for your questionnaire today to find out where you need to start.

Here are some of the points that the Design Your Life sessions will cover:

  • Create self-esteem, self–image and self–confidence
  • Create a timeline for your purpose in life
  • Create empowerment beliefs
  • Create well-formed goals
  • Create and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Create a positive language – positive attitudes create positive outcomes
  • Create your higher values in life and positive beliefs by overcoming old and negative beliefs
  • Create a healthy relationship with yourself and others
  • Create strategies that enable you to take control of your life
  • Create your purpose in life and the strategies that will lead you to achieve happiness, calmness and success

To book your session, send an email to hindalife@gmail.com.

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mBIT Coaching

mBIT coaching emphasises your inner self and how that is reflected in your outer self. mBIT coaching is a process that works with your multiple brains (Head – Heart – Gut) to achieve alignment and integration between these brains to help you emerge as a new person with new possibilities and to achieve the success that you have been waiting for.

mBIT helps you to liberate your human spirit and to create a wiser world on a personal and social level in decision–making and action-taking

You can read more about mBIT Coaching and Mbraining here.

Email today for your free 30-minute introduction to mBIT Coaching.

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Meditate and Heal with Writing and Reading

Research shows intellectual activity, such as reading and writing, helps you to cope with stress and calm you down. It is considered a way of meditation and exercise for the brain. It has a huge effect on the brain.

Reading and writing also has other effects on you and your life – reading books (both fiction and non-fiction) inspires your creativity, critical thinking, increases your empathy, and helps you to experience emotions. It mentally stimulates you, exercises your brain and improves memory.

While writing a daily journal is considered a good de-stressing method when facing problem, it also helps you to convey and express your thoughts and emotions on paper

in detail – the more you write, the more your mind will be clear of negative thoughts and feelings. Writing the problem on paper helps you grasp it and identify your issues.

Mediate and heal with writing and reading is a guided session on how to choose the right books to read, how to monitor your journal, and how to identify a problem and develop strategies for dealing with it.

You will learn the techniques and methods for choosing the books that are right for you and how to detox your mind and emotions via using your journal writing.

For more information and to book your session, email me today at hindalife@gmail.com.

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Loving Your Life Journey

Loving Your Life

Coming Soon

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