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Arabic Literature & Culture Consultancy Services

There is a strong connection between literature and culture. Literature is the other face of culture – through books we learn about people, cities, cultures and lives.

While media coverage is always a negative presence and will never give us the full picture, novels, poems and other forms of literature can close the gap and introduce us to all aspects of life in other cultures. It is also important for children to be exposed through literature, not news media, to other cultures for their learning and growth.

I am a translator, book reviewer, and interviewer at, as well as a member of Arab Lit Kid Now which works toward translating, and promoting, Arabic children’s literature in English. I founded in Australia, a new platform that introduces Arabic literature in English to Australians. The site also and promotes Arab-Australians while working towards integration and cooperation between Australian and Arab authors.

The consultancy provides literary translation (Arabic – English) or (English – Arabic). It also makes recommendations for Arabic literature, book reviews in English, facilitates the work between Arab and Australian publishers, and provides workshops on Arabic Literature.

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